Sustainability Statement

PAPJOHN® General Sustainability Declaration

 Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy 

That's why, In every step we take in Papijohn®

We take measures to be more respectful of the environment.

We bet on a better world. It's possible.


 In the fashion industry, around 85% of manufactured textile products ends up in landfills.

 One in five articles produced ends up becoming

residue without having even used once.

 With the consequent negative impact for the environment


 For Avoid generating unnecessary waste due to overproduction and act in this regard in Papijohn ® We only manufacture articles prior order.

Each order is unique.

Forming part of that Butterfly effect, being participants in take care of our planet While we are here for those who come, for our future.

Because every small action causes an answer, a result, a domino effect.


We find ours Perfect Production and Logistics Partner in the US for sharing philosophy related to us based on Responsibility and maximum quality, taking into account sustainability and also worrying about the planet. It seems another sign that has been on the other side of the Atlantic. From Cadifornia to California 🦋


The fabrics and products of our firm are of brands and suppliers with Ethical standards that comply with the Labor, Environment and Security Standards.

It is our same expert professionals who cut and sew some of our products.


Because in Papijohn® we bet because the world is a better place.


Our Streetwear pieces are manufactured specifically for you once you make a purchase at


This allows us Avoid overproduction and textile waste While we continue working towards a most environmentally respectful production.

Being consistent With our Vision and Company Mission.

Originality, exclusivity, sustainability, innovation

Do not produce in mass, in series.


That Our Streetwear pieces are unique as the wings of a butterfly.

Artistic, sustainable.


Making The processing of our garments is as ecological as possible guaranteeing the best quality. Sustainability and quality.

To get it We use the most recent technologies of companies concerned with sustainable fashion.


In Our All Over pieces are stamped in a personalized way. They are cut and sew by hand creating a unique product and avoiding the waste of fabric.

Are Made with high quality eco premium materials ( with a minimum of 95% recycled materials)

Printed, cut and sewn by our team of experts.


The fabric is certified with the OEKO-TEX 100 standard and the Global Recycled Standard (GRS)


For it, We use Kornit printers, that They reduce wastewater production practically and They consume less energy that standard industrial printers, which It helps us to limit our carbon footprint.


The inks we use For printing They have the Oeko-Tex ™ certification, they are vegan and have a water base, for what they are free of harmful chemicals

The remains of ink are properly undone by our partners following the indications of the ink supplier.


In Papijohn® We take sustainability seriously. It is no game.


We embroidered our products using Threads with Oeko-Tex ™ certification, so they are safe for health.

In general, embroidered designs are more resistant than printed designs, which indirectly produces Less environmental waste.


Our Ecofriendly products They are manufactured with at least 70% of organic or recycled materials or a combination of this type of materials.


Our pieces go through a exhaustive quality control of three steps, in addition to washing tests before taking them for sale.


Declaration about production times

In Papijohn® The pieces available in our catalog are manufactured on demand, a wink also to that artisanal sector.


We start working on your products as soon as you make the order.


Note that Create and send each product takes time as in life, but We are avoiding overproduction and you are being a participant in this change for better. THANK YOU!


We take care of you and take care of the planet.


You can consult our delivery deadlines in our shipping policy

Packaging of the product

In Papijohn® Our pieces are packaged in Post -consumption recycled plastic shipping bags (PCR).


Manufacturing articles with recycled materials allows to save virgin resources and requires less energy, which minimizes the environmental impact of plastic on our planet.


The amount of PCR that includes the packaging depends on where your order is managed, But it is at least 50% in the external polyester shipping bags (white or gray) and at least 30% in the interior transparent bags that are used in shipments with several items.


PCR packaging is manufactured from discarded daily objects, such as plastic bags and used bottles.


This material Protect your equal order as good that conventional plastic bags, with the difference that Opting the PCR against new production plastics reduces the environmental impact of this material on our planet.

We are gradually incorporating packaging with a 90-100% composition of post-consumption recycled (PCR) in the shipments managed from the North American facilities.


Because In Papijohn® we also chose what kind of footprint we want to leave On our planet and we opted for art, originality, inspiration, innovation and sustainability.

And why not inspire, to make think, reflect through our Papijohn® universe.

Because Papijohn® is not just an exclusive, sustainable streetwear firm

It is art, it is a concept, it is a lifestyle.


International Substant Efficient


About 84% of our orders are sent to the same region in which they are processed Our production partner with central headquarters in the US has strategically selected centers throughout the world.

We process in our facilities in North America and Europe. But we also have facilities in Australia, Brazil and Japan (Latin America and Asia Future Markets of


Having production centers near our customers is the best option for our company and for the planet.

Production centers are located at strategic points to expedite shipping deadlines thus reducing their costs and Reduce CO2 emissions that are generated by transporting orders.


In summary, Papijohn® under the philosophy of its founder CEO and creative $ arah free is a Streetwear exclusive, artistic © and sustainable.


Fashion lover and concerned about the environmental impact that this industry leaves on the planet managed to find the perfect partner in the US to share its vision and mission of making fashion streets in a responsible and quality.

(three steps quality control)

Therefore, first We produce on demand, each order is unique, thus avoiding generating unnecessary textile waste and overproduction.


We produce responsibly with high quality technology

Our printers spend less electrical energy, less water and chemicals than standars printers.


Our packaging is echo We use post -consumption recycled plastic


We work alongside brands and suppliers also sustainable


We generate less waste


We reduce carbon emissions in our shipments.


Our pieces are made with products and fabrics of brands and suppliers with ethical standards (of labor, environment and security)

Avoiding child and adult exploitation


The inks we use are ecological.

They comply with the CPSIA standard

They are not toxic No dangerous

Water soluble

They do not contain heavy metals (Formaldehyde or Etoxylated alkyfenoles (APE)


The threads used in our embroidery have the certification Oeko-Tex ™


And ours Shipping are Sustainable.

We reduce CO2 emissions in them thanks to the strategic plan of our production and logistics partner worldwide.


If you are already part of the family thanks if you are not welcome yet!

Subscribe and we give you 10% in your first purchase

Thank you for choosing us Thanks for being part of this little big change in the fashion industry. 

Remember that each order is unique.

Created especially for you.

Our designs are unique and exclusive original ©. Designed by $ Arah Free in Cadifornia.

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