About us

PapiJohn® is not just a Streetwear Brand . It's a concept. A community . A spirit .

Of Freedom , Exclusivity , Authenticity , Style . A lifestyle .

Where the different and imperfect takes the value it should. Where what matters is being yourself and expressing yourself freely.

Black and White Homage to that Old school of our lives . Where age and years gain value. The value of wisdom , purity , loss of prejudices and filters. From the gain of AUTHENTICITY.

We have all had and hopefully we will all be PapiJohn ® one day.

Created and designed by $arah Free around her own values, demands and personal concerns as a consumer. Exclusive and durable garments with less environmental impact, such as canvases of her own illustrations ©.

Original © pieces with the sensation of being graffitied directly by hand. Capturing through his sketched Illustrations© the central key of his brand: Imperfection Makes Us Unique. 

Representing that first sketch in them. Cool. Pure. Authentic. " Imperfect".

The one that is born from the deepest creative essence. In that first moment of pure inspiration. Wild. No retouching.

The Essence of the Work.

One's own Essence.

The Essence of Life itself.

Each piece, each illustration is designed and drawn by herself. Creating Limited Editions and Limiting the Number of Stocks of each Design©, thus giving her brand a Value that she loves so much Exclusivity .

Since, she never wanted to be like everyone else, not even in dress.

Each and every PapiJohn® illustration and font are original and designed by hand. They are Unique and Imperfect .

With authorship and Copyright ©

You can only purchase them here on our official website papijohn.com

So if you see any of our designs outside of papijohn.com it is a FAKE

$arah Free.

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