Origin & Papijohn Universe

Several years ago I had in mind to create my own Streetwear firm. An urban fashion line with Exclusive and environmentally respectful pieces. 

After my father's death I only saw signs. Thousands of butterflies fluttered and it landed on me almost daily.

One day that I was already materializing the fact of creating a line of Streetwear B & W tshirts and hoodies with my own designs thinking about what name it could have, a monarch butterfly came directly to me and posed on my face. There was Papijohn®.

There he was offering me the key.

From that day I could only paint his face.

Until one day his face and his essence to the first was reflected in my canvas. Without knowing it, That day was the anniversary of his left. Of his freedom. From his transformation.

That day I drew The first logo of Papijohn® It was six months ago that my daddy flew like a butterfly.

This is The best tribute What can I do. To him a a Free Soul, without filters, handsome to rage and with an overwhelming charism. In part, this is A tribute to my parents and their cinematographic universe to whom I owe my creativity.

My father was not perfect but Imperfection makes us unique.

 Universe Papijohn® It is the central collection of Papijohn®. Its essence. 

 Inspired in Some of his wise sentences.

 A tribute to the Old School of life, purity, Authenticity.

A Wink to the counterculture of the 60s. Tshirts as Symbol of grievance. 

Phrases that could well be graphite in a wall. 

Because ... who does not feel like shouting at the world? or to show in silence how do you feel?

If you also feel unique. If you have ever called you crazy ...

Well, you know ... you're not crazy ... you're Papijohn®.

Welcome to my universe.

             IMPERFECTION Makes Us Unique.

  In his memory

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It is not clothes is art

$ arah free
FOUNDER CEO & ART © Creative

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Papijohn® The Barrosa

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               Original Artwork © By $ arah Free Designed in Cadifornia.


Papijohn Universe

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